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What's New

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28 Sept 2019

  • US Map: North East Colorado added, from Grand Junction to Leadville and Salida, including the Tennessee Pass, Moffat Pass, Marshall Pass, Alpine Tunnel, Dallas Divide and lots of branches and narrow gauge lines.

7 Sept 2019

  • US Map: UT Carbon, Emery, Grand counties detailed.

26 Aug 2019

  • UK Map: Welwyn Light Rly added, plus Stobs POW camp and Catterick Camp detail.

27 June 2019

  • US Map: MT Northern Montana added, following the Great Northern.

21 June 2019

  • US Map: HI Most of Hawaii is redrawn with lots more detail for the plantation lines. Thanks to Richard for the detailed map of Kauai and links to some useful historic maps.

14 June 2019

  • US Map: MT Southern Montana added, following the Northern Pacific and Milwaukee Road across the Rockies.
  • US Map: CA Greenhorn RR added.

31 May 2019

  • US Map: Northern Wyoming counties added, following the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy.
  • US Map: El Dorado county, CA detailed.

26 May 2019

  • US Map: Southern Wyoming added, from Utah border to Cheyenne

19 May 2019

  • US Map: Salt Lake, Utah, Tooele counties, UT detailed

10 May 2019

  • US Map: Celebrating 150years since the Golden Spike, UT Box Elder (Promontory Summit), Weber (Ogden), Cache (Logan) and Morgan counties detailed.

4 May 2019

  • UK Map: Much of North, South & West London redrawn.

9 Apr 2019

  • UK Map: Leeds redrawn.

23 Feb 2019

  • US Map: NV northwest counties detailed.

4 Jan 2019

  • UK Map: Wakefield redrawn.

30 Dec 2018

  • UK Map: Bradford & Keighley redrawn.

1 Dec 2018

  • Canals: Llangollen Canal and Montgomeryshire Canal features added.
  • US Map: Whatcom county, WA added, which completes Washington State.
  • US Map: Clark county, NV (Las Vegas) detailed.

23 Nov 2018

  • UK Map: Sunderland & Washington redrawn.

18 Nov 2018

  • US Map: Skagit, Snohomish, Clallam, Jefferson, Kitsap counties, WA added.

12 Oct 2018

  • UK Map: South Shields & Jarrow redrawn.

5 Oct 2018

  • UK Map: Middlesbrough & Redcar redrawn.

30 Sep 2018

  • UK Map: Alnwick, Alnmouth & Amble redrawn.
  • Canals: Penclawdd Canal added

17 Sep 2018

  • US Map: King County (Seattle), WA added, including more logging lines and streetcars.

1 Sep 2018

  • US Map: Pierce (Tacoma), Thurston (Olympia), Mason, Grays Harbour, WA added. Also San Francisco, Spokane historic streetcars added. And Portland detailed.

23 Aug 2018

  • US Map: Colusa, Glenn, Butte counties, CA redrawn.

11 Aug 2018

  • UK Map: Detail for Hartlepool, Stockton & Port Clarence. Also Castleford, Wath, Pontefract and York.

20 July 2018

  • UK Map: Modern Rly layer updated - new download of OSM data.

12 Jun 2018

  • Canals: Gloucester & Sharpness Canal get updated with features added.

28 Apr 2018

  • Canals: Lee Navigation & Stort Navigation get updated with features added.
  • US Map: Legend entries for Nevada added.
  • US Map: Also added the Freeport RR (Sacramento), thanks to John for suggesting the line.